Hundreds Gather to Protest Senator McConnell

Lydia Fuqua, Cassie Rader, Emma Ryan, Allison McHugh, Mason Eichhorn, Logan Bannister, Erin Buchaniel

Hundreds gathered this morning for what has been called the largest protest that has been seen in Lawrenceburg as US Senator Mitch McConnell came to Anderson County to speak about legislative progress in Congress as part of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

The protest centered around the Legion Park where Senator McConnell was scheduled to speak at Legion Hall.  According to both city attorney Robert Myles and city police chief Chris Atkins, they estimated the crowd to be at least 250 to over 300 protestors, possibly more as they didn’t have exact numbers.  However, numbers circulating through the crowd estimated it to be over 550 to 600.

Chief Atkins said that this was possibly the largest protest ever seen in the city.  Protestors lined up near the fence gate to the fairgrounds holding signs and making themselves known as the senator entered the fence gate to speak in the hall.

A number of Anderson County High School students were also present after initially being barred from attending the protest by Superintendent Sheila Mitchell due to the uncertainty of the protesting.  The students said that the senator spoke with high school students before heading to the Legion Hall.

However, after the senator traveled to the hall, the crowd began to shrink as protestors left.  A rolling billboard also made an appearance showing quotes against the senator.  Coordinating the safety effort were many city, county, and state police officers.

Reporting on what Senator McConnell spoke on will be soon to come.  UPDATE: reporting on what Senator McConnell talked about can now be viewed by clicking here.

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