ACHS Sees Academic Improvements

Anderson County High School has once again seen considerable academic improvements, according to Principal Chris Glass during last week’s school board meeting.

During the improvement and assessment update for the school, Principal Glass compared ACHS to other high schools in the surrounding region utilizing evaluations provided by the state.  “We made another great gain,” he said.

One of the biggest points for the school was its very high graduation rate.  At 98%, the school ranks second in the region and well above the state average at 89.7%. Only Washington County has a slightly higher rate in the region.

The school also scored well for the other metrics used.  For the average rate of ACT composite scores, the school scored 19.5 which made it fifth in the region.  It was sixth for college and career readiness and fourth for NGL.

Much of the increase and high performance came from increases in the math, social studies, writing, and mechanics achievements.  According to Principal Glass, the math scores improved by almost unheard of margins.  It also had the highest college and career readiness scores that the school ever achieved.

With the school just missing becoming a distinguished rated school by only a half of point, Principal Glass explained that he is working to continually improve the school’s performance.  He is working on increasing college and career readiness scores, bringing the ACT composite score average to over 20, as well as rebound the reading achievement score which had dropped slightly this year.  He explained that he is integrating strategies from other high performing schools to bring continued improvements.

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