A Passion for Birds Creates Successful Farm

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A passion for birds and raising animals has created a successful farm here in Lawrenceburg, providing residents with incredibly fresh eggs.

Scott and Kate Slankard started Clucky Hen Farms as really just a way to have some fresh eggs to eat everyday.  Scott, who is a wildlife biologist, and Kate, a bird biologist, always loved growing vegetables and raising animals.  With Kate’s passion for birds, they decided to get a few hens so they could enjoy fresh eggs.

But, it wouldn’t end there.  Over time, Scott and Kate bought more chickens and even built a pole barn on their property to serve as their night roost and nesting area.  Soon enough, they had a thriving flock of 150 hens and 4 roosters.

However, unlike large scale egg farms, their chickens get to roam across the Slankard’s 16 acres, eating grass and tasty bugs that they might find.  They’re also fed with non-GMO feed.

With a healthy supply of eggs, they decided to start selling them.  They will deliver eggs here in Lawrenceburg and Frankfort.  They are also available at the Anderson County Farmer’s Market as well as Tastefully Kentucky on Main Street.

Scott hopes to branch out into other types of farming, including organic vegetables.  He hopes to retire to the farm in 5-10 years so he can grow vegetables and raise animals full time. “We always joke and tell people that we were born in the wrong era.  We should have been born 100 years ago,” he said.

For more information about Clucky Hen Farm, check out their website.

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