Church Works to Help Homeless, End Class Segregation

Aaron and Shannon Soard

Aaron and Shannon Soard

A local Lawrenceburg church has decided to help those are displaced from their homes and try to put an end to class segregation.

APEX Ministries, located on Hilltop Dr, received a call earlier in the year from a wife of a Frankfort Police officer asking them if they would to join a community outreach program to help homeless and those seeking relief from domestic violence. The program, which was developed by the Frankfort Police, receives various donations to help those that are displaced from their home.

According to associate pastors, Shannon and Aaron Soard, the church decided to create a spinoff of the program that will collect donations for use in both the Frankfort program and Lawrenceburg initiatives. The different programs at the church are collecting various donations including food donations at the faith and fitness program and socks at the children’s ministry.

They are also collecting monetary donations that are being used to purchase hygiene kits for the homeless. According to Shannon, the church has been able to purchase 102 kits so far this month and has a goal to purchase 500 by the end of the month.

Shannon also explained that this community initiative was a large success in Frankfort and is something they would like to make permanent here in Lawrenceburg if they receive a good response this month. “We have a ministry full of love and just want to do things that reaches out to everyone and put an end to class segregation,” she said.

Donations can be dropped off at the church’s 115 Hilltop Drive location or arrangements can be made for pickup. For more information about APEX Ministries, check out their Facebook page.

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