Preparing the Future Class of 2030 for Kindergarten

Cooper Wilcox, Sydney Gritton, and Collin HollomanJanice Meredith and Kyle Riggs

Future Bearcats are taking their first big step as they prepare for Kindergarten.  Sparrow Early Childhood Center took some time on Friday to get the incoming Kindergarten class excited about their soon to be new school experience.

Janice Meredith, principal at ECC, explained that they have been working hard to encourage parents to enroll their children early for Kindergarten and help ease the transition for new students.  One of these ways is through bringing in the Anderson County High School mascot to interact and build excitement with the future class of 2030.

Another way is by giving away backpacks filled with learning activities and a t-shirt to all early enrollments.  The backpacks, which were purchased through a school readiness grant, help encourage parents to prepare their children for Kindergarten as well as receive vital information from the school.

Kindergarten readiness is something that the school takes seriously.  Children who aren’t ready for Kindergarten tend to statistically not have good reading skills by 3rd grade.  And 3rd grade reading skills play a large factor into juvenile delinquency and even prison rates.

Kyle Riggs, ECC’s school psychologist, explained that they are working hard to reach out to students who aren’t in ECC’s preschool or other area preschools.  These are students who may be at most risk for not being Kindergarten ready.

Janice explained that parents can come to the school or the district’s central office to enroll their children in Kindergarten.  Both buildings are located off of US127 Bypass just north of the county park entrance.

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