Anderson County Animal Shelter Seeing Renovations

Judy Peach, Shane Bast, and Little Dawn

The Anderson County Animal Shelter is seeing a number of improvements as the county and animal control officers seek to renovate the old building and bring it up to standards.

According to a report last year ranking shelters across the state, the Anderson County shelter, which is operated by the county government and not by the independent Anderson Humane Society, was ranked in the bottom 20 shelters in the state.  However, since that time, the county has taken steps to improve the shelter

Shane Bast, the new supervisor of the shelter who started in October, said that they started the renovations in November.  “Since November, we’ve been moving in the right direction to get it cleaned up, presentable, and professionally run,” he said.

Working first in the office area, they found water leaks and rotting lumber.  They repaired the problems and are working into other areas of the shelter, cleaning and repairing as they go.  Shane, who said he has a construction background, has been doing many of the minor repairs himself.

The shelter serves as the first stop for stray pets, according to Shane.  The Anderson Humane Society, which is located right next to the shelter in a separate building, helps to get pets adopted after the required holding time at the shelter to allow for owners to find their lost pets. He said that they have a great relationship with the humane society.

Shane thanks Anderson County Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton and the magistrates for the help and support for the renovations at the shelter.  He also said that his crew has been very helpful and to also keep animal control officer, Zach Cotton, in our thoughts as he recovers from an accidental gunshot to the head at the end of January.

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