Sweating to Detox in Anderson County

Brenda Sizemore

Although it might be bitterly cold outside, breaking a sweat for a short time each week might be just what will help you feel better for the rest of the winter.  Brenda Sizemore of Therapy in Motion Massage Techniques installed a special sauna that was recommended by a local doctor to help detox the body.

According to Brenda, who is one of Anderson County’s well known licensed massage therapists, explained that saunas work by heating up the body and forcing sweating all over the skin that release toxins from the adipose (fat) tissue that lies just below the skin.  “This is the only way I know of totally detoxing your body,” she said.

She decided to buy a SaunaRay sauna upon recommendation from Dr James Roach from the Midway Center for Integrative Medicine so her clients can enjoy the detoxing effects.  She explained that the SaunaRays are different than most saunas as the wood used inside is free of glues and insecticides which out gas during operation and introduce toxins back into the body.

She also explained that the SaunaRay has a special ceramic heater that is set between 115F to 120F.  Although that sounds very warm, she said that there is a window that introduces fresh air to refresh the body during the 30 minute sessions.

One of the best experiences of the process, Brenda explained, is when leaving the sauna.  The cold air hitting a warm body creates a whole new rush and a different kind of sweat. “It’s just like a body rush.  It’s amazing.  It’s a very exhilarating experience,”  she said.

For more information about Therapy in Motion Massage Techniques and the SaunaRay sauna, check out her website.

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