Church Honors First Responders with Breakfast Meal

Michael TownsendMona and Lee BrewerMike AtcherFire Chief Bobby Hume, Safety Officer Rex Riley, Firefighter Chuck PowellDawn and Randy Chrisman, Tony Andrade

Firefighters, police officers, EMS, and more had a special appreciation breakfast this morning at the Family Worship Center on Frankfort Road. The meal was held to celebrate and give back to the county’s and city’s brave first responders.

Although this wasn’t the first appreciation meal the church has held, organizers of the event felt that providing these meals help show the support for local emergency personnel.  Lead Pastor Tony Andrade said, “It just means everything to our church to give back to these men and women that put it all on the line.”

Others who helped organize the event added that they wanted to honor the first responders and let them and their families know that they are praying for them when they get called to an emergency. “We wanted to honor the first responders and show our appreciation for Anderson County and the City of Lawrenceburg,” Michael Townsend said.

Still others knew exactly what first responders go through and wanted to bless fellow emergency workers.  Lee Brewer, a retired Franklin County firefighter and EMS of 27 years, started cooking the breakfast at the church at 4:30am.  “I got a heart for firemen…because I know what they go through,” he said.

Those in attendance included Randy and Dawn Chrisman, parents of Trooper Eric Chrisman who passed away from a vehicle accident in 2015, as well as City Fire Chief Bobby Hume.  They very much appreciated the meal.

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