Call 211 to Find Charitable Help

A local charitable organization has come up with a unique way to help those in need find resources and services to help.  The Anderson County United Way Board of Trustees as part of the United Way of the Bluegrass, created a phone system to allow residents to call 211 to be connected with various resources that help those in need.

Chris Thompson, a member of the local board of trustees, explained that the system is similar to the 911 system, but instead of talking with an emergency dispatcher, a person will be connected with a call center in Lexington trained in connecting people in need with the various services around the area.  “It’s like the phone number 911.  It’s an easy number for people to call,” he said.

According to Chris, various services are apart of the system including those that can provide temporary housing, food, funding for utility bills, and more. At the local level, both the Open Hands Food Pantry and the LIGHT Center provide services.  However, Chris explained that because they are a part of the region, those who call 211 will be able to utilize resources in the other counties that make up the Bluegrass region.

Although the service has been available for a number of years in Anderson County, Chris said that the board is working to let more people know about the service.  They recently gave away a number of 211 blankets to the local fire and police departments which will be used to help warm people in times of emergencies.

They are also in the process of raising donations that will go to supporting this service as well as a number of local endeavors, including community grants.  According to Chris, they have reached 75% of the $30,000 goal and have placed a financial giving thermometer on the court house lawn to show the state of the campaign.  For more information about 211 and the United Way of the Bluegrass, check out their website.

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