Over 60 Christmas Trees Donated

Beverly McElwain, Joseph Zimmerman, Will Thompson, Blaine Carpenter, Katrin Wilson, Mike Wilson

The Anderson County Junior Conservation Board’s first project was a runaway success as many residents of the county donated their old natural Christmas trees to be recycled.

The board, which held their first meeting in November and is made up of students, decided to do a Christmas tree recycling program as their first project.  Teaming up with the Lawrenceburg Ace Hardware and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, they created a drop off point for trees in front of Ace Hardware.

Over 60 trees were donated and were collected today.  According to the Anderson County Conservation District’s administrative secretary, Beverly McElwain, the project was a great success.

The trees that were donated will be heading to Taylorsville Lake where they will be placed in areas where there are needs for fish habitats.  The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will list on its website the exact GPS coordinates so anglers can fish in the areas where the trees will be placed.

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