Celebrating Anderson County’s Brave Firefighters

Fire Chief Patrick Krogman

During this past Saturday night, the Anderson County Fire District held their annual awards dinner as a way to give back to the brave members of the district and recognize those who have gone above and beyond for the year.

Fire Chief Patrick Krogman explained that the dinner is a great way to give back to those who risk their lives whenever there is an emergency around the county.  He said that the members of the district are only given an average of $15 per emergency run to cover their costs, no matter how long or dangerous the emergency may be. “It’s nice to have a dinner…To pay them back a little bit,” he said.

For this year’s dinner, three members of the district as well as two community members were recognized.  Emma Gresham was recognized as cadet of the year, John Robinson was named firefighter of the year, and Terry Cline as officer of the year.  Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Robinson was recognized as emergency responder of the year and Smith’s Towing as community partner of the year.

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