Advocating for Quality Education in Anderson County

Here in Anderson County, there is an organization dedicated to championing for quality education for all students in the public school system.  The Anderson County Education Association, led by Dr Anissa Penn Davis, advocates for the teachers and students to make sure Anderson County has the best education.

Anissa, who has been president of the association for 15 months and teaches at Anderson County Middle School, explained that her main role is ensuring good communication between teachers, the school board, Superintendent Sheila Mitchell, and others.  Representing over 100 teachers and other staff members in the school district, Anissa attends every monthly school board meeting to ensure the board knows of issues that she is made aware of from members.

She explained that the ACEA, which is part of the state-wide Kentucky Education Association, is a professional organization that is open to certified personnel like teachers, central office administrators, and counselors in the public schools.  As president, she answers many questions from teachers and works to distribute vital information to members. “I think we’ve done really well to try keep everyone on the same page,” Anissa said.

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