Resident Offers Her Own Scholarship and List for Students

With high school graduation right around the corner, the attention within families with high school seniors has turned to the next step in a senior’s educational path in life.  Whether that path leads to higher education by way of attendance at a college or vocational/trade school, there is a common denominator for both places of higher learning–that denominator being money necessary to pay for higher education.

There is assistance available locally for families in seeking funding opportunities to pay costs of college educations.  That source of assistance is from a former college financial aid specialist and educational mentor, Donna Crain Drury, who served as the Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Admissions at Midway University in Midway, Kentucky.

Drury has a passion for helping students locate sources of financial aid and assisting them in making application for all types of financial assistance from grants and work study to scholarships.  While employed at Midway University from 2000-2003, Donna helped traditional and non-traditional students find sources of free funding from inside and outside the University.  She also trained college faculty and staff in student recruitment and retention of college students through use of financial aid processes; served as campus student advisor for clubs and activities; and tutored/mentored students in writing and reading comprehension.

Known for her ability to locate scholarships and other forms of free money for educational pursuits, Donna has created a large list of scholarships that are available from local, state and national resources.  The large and growing list, with 176 scholarship descriptions and 92 pages in length, provides detailed information about each scholarship she has gathered during the past year.  The types of scholarships collected and compiled by Drury vary from academic, artistic, athletics, creative thinking, essay writing, competitive topics to specific degree oriented sources.

And not all of her collection of scholarships are for graduating high school seniors. Some are open to students in elementary and middle school. The scholarship opportunity list will continue to expand as new scholarships and grants are found.

Drury also works with older students going to college for the first time or returning to the classroom for completion of collegiate degrees.  She advises, “There is free money available for the asking for qualified non-traditional students to help pay for their education.  It’s sitting there waiting for students to ask for it via an application.”

As a non-traditional student herself, who earned her first college degree at age 47, Donna understands the importance of older college students desiring to seek financial assistance.  She also assists students with scholarship application completion, FAFSA filing online, and essay writing that is sometimes required by scholarship sponsors.

Because of her passion to help students attend college, regardless of their family environment or financial background, Donna is sponsoring a scholarship this spring for the first time that will be awarded to a deserving 2017 local senior. Her $1,000 scholarship called “Empowering You” will help an Anderson County student pursue a higher level of education and acquire potential power for future success.

As a college student in the early 1970s, Donna received financial assistance to attend college at Eastern Kentucky University and desires to give back by awarding this scholarship to a deserving student.  The Empowering You Scholarship award is based on financial need, academic success, community involvement, and desire to improve life via pursuit of a college education.

The scholarship opportunity resource list is available to all students and can be obtained from both local high schools or by contacting Donna at   Scholarship opportunities are also available on Drury’s Facebook page called Empowering Yourself.

Donna Crain Drury is a 1999 honor graduate of Midway University and holds a BA degree in Organizational Management.  She is pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Human Services with an Executive Leadership Concentration at Liberty University. Drury currently serves as Chair of the Anderson County Board of Education.

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