Reuniting Lost Pets with Their Families

Becca Dyer and Miss Piggy

Becca Dyer and Miss Piggy

A Lawrenceburg resident along with many others have made it their passion to help rescue lost pets in the county.  Becca Dyer, administrator of the Lost and Found Pets of Lawrenceburg KY Facebook group, has spent countless hours trying to reunite families with their lost pets.

Becca’s passion started when her sister lost her poodle, Bruno.  Her sister, along with her entire family, were terribly upset.  Word went out about Bruno and many from the community came together to help search for him.

The response amazed Becca. “It amazed me seeing all of the people from the community, who didn’t even know my sister, stepping up to help get him home safe as soon as possible,” she said.  It made her want to give back to the community and to let them know they have more support than they realize.

When the Lost and Found Pets of Lawrenceburg KY group was originally founded by Downtown Lawrenceburg KY back in November 2015, Becca joined the group as an administrator shortly after its creation.  Over the past year, the group has gained over 2000 members, and according to Becca, has helped find over 100 pets.

Becca, along with many other community members, have routinely gone out to help search for pets that have been posted as lost on the group.  Even as a mother of two children, she tries to get out and search for pets many times with her kids with her because she knows how hard it can be for a family to lose a pet. “Because I know if it were mine missing, I would be devastated and would want to have all the help I could get,” she said.

She said that for every animal that is posted on the group page, either her or someone in the community tries to help search.  There was even one time that a group of about a dozen people came together to search for a pet.



One of the more amazing finds of a lost pet through the help of the group was back in November 2016.  Jessica Raymer, her boyfriend, her little brother, and her eight month old Weimaraner puppy, named Jack, were traveling home to Mississippi when they got in a car accident on Bluegrass Parkway.

Amidst the chaos of the accident, Jack ran into the woods.  With sustained injuries to both Jessica and her brother, they couldn’t search for Jack.  Word of the tragic story went out on the group which was then shared across the community.

Becca, along with many others from the group, went searching for Jack and still others posted flyers in the area.  It wasn’t until three days later that Deborah Goodlett noticed that the dog found sitting on her front porch resembled the one in the flyer, and Jack was able to be reunited with his family.

Finding Jack was something Becca and a number of others won’t ever forget.  “It was a feeling I’ll never forget and will always cherish having so many come together once again to help someone who was unable to help themselves,” Becca said.

But there are still pets that can’t be found.  Becca explained that with more awareness comes more opportunity to help reunite a pet with their family.  All residents around the area are welcome to join the group, by clicking here.

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