Emma B Ward Sees Major Academic Improvements

In the past four years, Emma B Ward Elementary under the guidance of Principal Bobby Murphy has seen tremendous improvements as the school quickly climbs to the top of the heap of elementary schools across the state.

At the previous Anderson County School Board meeting, Principal Murphy exemplified just how the school has been progressing.  In the 2012-13 school year, the school was classified as needing improvement in state testing.  In two years time, its rating jumped to distinguished/progressing and was categorized as high performing.

For the most recent evaluation, the school was categorized at the highest level, a school of distinction.  It ranked 167th out of 709 Kentucky elementary schools, which puts it in the top 24%.

Principal Murphy, who became principal there at the end of 2013, attributes their success to their commitment to high expectations among many other factors.  “We do acknowledge and embrace high expectations across the board,” he said.

He also announced that the school will be presenting at the International Center for Leadership in Education’s Model School Conference this year.  The conference recognizes a very limited number of the most innovative schools across the country.  It will also mark the second Anderson County School to present there, with Robert B Turner Elementary being recognized last year.

But Principal Murphy won’t stop continuing looking to improve his school.  His goal is to bring Emma B Ward’s scores to the top 10% in the state and then to 5% afterwards.  He said that he continues to look at what works best at other schools and try to bring the best to his school.

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