City Council Moves Forward With Alton Sewer, Water and Sewer Rate Increase

George Geoghegan

The Lawrenceburg City Council held there regular monthly meeting last night where they took the next steps in the Alton Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project, approved the first reading of the water and sewer rate increase ordinance, recognized former council member, George Geoghegan, as well as asking for interested community members to fill vacancies on city boards.

Alton Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project

The council approved six resolutions needed to allow the city to receive the large Community Development Block Grant of $992,500 to replace the failing vacuum sewer in Alton.  The grant will cover around half of the $1.98 million project.

Water and Sewer Rate Increase

According to Mayor Goodlett, water and sewer rates will need to be increased to cover a number of costs due to loss of revenue and the Alton Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project.  The mayor explained that South Anderson Water District has reduced purchasing water from the Lawrenceburg Water Department by almost half, in favor of Frankfort.  Costs on the sewer side will also increase as the city will need a loan to pay for half of the Alton sewer project.

Rates for residential water customers will go up to $16.05 for the minimum 2000 gallons and $4.94 per 1000 gallons after.  Commercial and industrial rates will be the same except for other 200,000 gallons, which will be $4.46 per 1000 gallons.  Wholesale rates will go to $3.20 per 1000 gallons.  The minimum sewer rate will be increased to $16.49 for the first 2000 gallons and $8.25 per 1000 after.  The council approved the first reading of the rate increase, with a second reading to follow next month.

Recognition of George Geoghegan

The mayor and council recognized former council member George Geoghegan for his outstanding commitment to public service from 2012 to 2016.  George served on the council until this past election where Joseph Marshall Sr won a spot on the council.

Vacancies on City Boards

The council affirmed Jody Hughes and Betty Webb to the Planning and Zoning Board, Donnie Hatchett to the Board of Zoning Adjustments, and Ed McKee to the Ethics Board.  However, Mayor Goodlett reported that there are vacancies on the various city boards.  They are looking for those who live within the city limits and might want to serve the community to fill the vacancies.

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