Using Video to Fix Cars and Build a Business

A new automotive specialist garage is taking car repairs to a new level after opening five months ago.  Shaun Cohorn and Kris Rosenberg, owners of Kentucky TruTech, have developed a thriving business in less than a half year by trying to be the best and most honest repair shop in the county by using video cameras to track down failing parts.

Both Shaun and Kris have been working in the auto repair industry for decades and decided to open Kentucky TruTech last year to provide the best possible service in the county.  “Our goal is to be the most reasonable and quality shop in town,” Shaun said.

But they decided to take it to another level.  They’ve found that some mechanical issues only happen during certain driving conditions, like during acceleration.  As it is sometimes impossible to see which part may be failing, they have decided to buy a small video camera with a magnetic mount to see which part is failing during test drives.

Shaun explained that this has proven to be incredibly effective and helps show the owner of the car what part is the problem.  It has also proven to be a success among car owners, with many impressed to actually see what the problem really is.

In addition to the video camera, they have also fabricated parts that are either hard to find or are custom.  They want to turn disasters into positive experiences. “Each car is special to us,” Shaun said.

For more information about Kentucky TruTech, which is located near Bluegrass Parkway and US127 in front of Care’s Towing, check out their Facebook page.

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