Local Church to Help Residents by Offering Financial Course

Jenn Wininger, Brandon Dulaney, and Ron Roe

Jenn Wininger, Brandon Dulaney, and Ron Roe

A church here in Anderson County wants to help residents thrive in both a spiritual and financial way. Brandon Dulaney, lead minister at Anderson Christian Church, wants to be more active in the community and saw that many residents are not thriving financially.

To help relieve financial stress as well freeing oneself from debt, Brandon decided to organize a course based on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  The course will help residents make a difference in their lives, their family, and beyond.

Brandon reached out to Jenn Wininger and Ron Roe to facilitate the course, which will be starting January 26th.  Jenn, who has gone through the course herself, explained that Dave Ramsey is a financial guru who has a no nonsense faith based approach to personal finance.  The course, which will run for nine weeks, will cover all different areas including budgeting, managing cash flow, getting out of debt, creating an emergency fund, and more.

Jenn explained the course is perfect for anyone who wants to get out of debt and/or are tired living paycheck to paycheck.  It will also help young adults getting out of college as they start their lives.

The course will start on January 26th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Tastefully Kentucky on Main Street for nine weeks and will cost $100 per individual or couple.  However, scholarships are available, but space is limited.  Childcare is also available for free for participants by the youth ministry of Anderson Christian Church.  For more information or to sign up, contact Anderson Christian Church through Facebook or by phone, (502) 598-3114.

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