Local Family Restaurant Moves on Christmas Day, Receives Surprise Gift

Tonya McKinney and Bentley Drury

A local family owned business was given a surprise Christmas gift as the entire family worked through Christmas to move their restaurant to a new location in town.

Tonya McKinney, owner and operator of the well known Tonya’s Buffet on Hilltop Drive, was given an opportunity to move to the Lakeside Restaurant on Harrodsburg Road.  The building was recently renovated and would work perfectly for Tonya’s Buffet.

Planning to move through Christmas Eve and Day, she gathered her family together and everyone worked hard to try to finish before the end of Christmas, without taking time to prepare or eat a meal.  However, a local church, seeing their efforts, decided to give them 11 dinners on Christmas Day.  “It was the best gift ever,” Tonya said.

The new Tonya’s Buffet at Lakeside is now open, 6am to 8pm on Monday through Saturday, and 8am to 3pm on Sunday.  Their phone number is 502-598-1022.

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