More Join SOS Coalition to Prevent Drug Use

Elizabeth Swartz, Joe Markiewicz, Donna Crain DruryCombined SOS and Key Club Group

As word of the successes of the new Anderson County High School Saving Our Students Youth Coalition spreads, more professionals have joined the group as mentors to help reduce drug and substance abuse at the school.

The coalition of students, which formed back earlier this year as the student arm of the Anderson County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy board, has been making strides in their work to combat drug abuse at the school.  With the recent release of drug use survey results conducted by the students as well as their meeting with Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton, the group is working quickly towards their goal.

One of their main projects for this coming new year is to create a video showing students and community members that it is normal not to abuse drugs.  To help with the project, a professional from the University of Kentucky has joined the team of local community members.

Joe Markiewicz is from the Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center at the university and serves as the state coalition technical assistant/program coordinator.  He previously served as the project director for Positive Youth Development at Penn State University and the senior research associate at Susan Hirt Hagen CORE in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Joe is bringing his many years of experience working with middle and high school students with drug prevention by highlighting positive trends to show that it is normal for students to not abuse drugs.  According to Joe as well as from the recent drug use survey, a majority of high school students do not take drugs and that is what will be emphasized in the coming projects for the SOS students.

Also joining the group is ACHS arts and humanities teacher, Elizabeth Swartz, as well as the new Key Club.  The Key Club, which is the student club based on the Anderson County Kiwanis Club, has a goal to help the community through projects like what the SOS students are developing.

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