LIGHT Center Helps Elderly Couple Get Water Line Connection

The LIGHT Center of Lawrenceburg recently assisted residents of the community in the largest way possible since its opening in October of 2015.  Working diligently, the center was successful in obtaining safe and sanitary public drinking water for an elderly couple in rural Anderson County through a three-way joint endeavor with South Anderson Water District and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In late April of this year, the LIGHT Center was contacted by South Anderson Water District Operations Manager, Shawn Cook, about a family in need of being connected to the district in order to have a safe drinking water source.  Randy and Mary Waldridge, who reside in the western part of the county and within the service area of South Anderson, were having to haul potable water to their home because of a lack of connection from their home to the nearest public water system in the rural area.

Cook made the LIGHT Center aware of a rural development grant program, known as the Section 504 Home Repair Program, that the USDA sponsors for helping elderly homeowners in need to remove health and safety hazards from their homes.  Upon investigation by the LIGHT Center, it was learned that the USDA Rural Development helps improve the economy and quality of life in rural America.

Through its programs, USDA helps rural Americans in many ways, one of which is to assist qualified people in staying in their own homes via needed home repairs. The grant program is governed by the Housing Act of 1949.

Donna Crain Drury, co-founder of the LIGHT Center and volunteer, assisted the Waldridge family in completing an application for assistance with the USDA for a grant to pay for connecting their residence to South Anderson Water District’s public water supply and coordinated follow-up on the Waldridge’s paperwork upon submission to the state USDA office.

The grant assistance application was submitted to USDA’s office in Nicholasville, Kentucky, in mid-May of this year.  David Garmon, Area Specialist/Office Manager at USDA, processed the Waldridge’s application, and gave the Center and Waldridge family the good news on December 5th that the grant application had been approved by USDA.  Construction work is to begin soon at the Waldridge residence on the water line installation.

-Written by Donna Crain Drury

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