Community Helps Find Puppy After Injury Traffic Accident

JackDeborah and Gary Goodlett with Jack

An entire community came together this week to find a lost puppy after a traffic accident left its owners injured and unable to search during the Thanksgiving weekend.  On Saturday, Jessica Raymer, her boyfriend and her little brother were traveling on Bluegrass Parkway, heading home to Tupelo, Mississippi.  Riding along with them was Jack, an eight month old Weimaraner puppy.

Around mile marker 44, another vehicle struck theirs, going around 90mph, according to Jessica.  Jessica’s brother was the most injured with a broken femur and collar bone.  Jessica herself received a concussion and her boyfriend was uninjured.

However, during the mayhem, Jack ran from the scene, presumably frightened and even possibly injured.  Members of the Anderson County Fire Department searched for Jack but were unsuccessful.  With the injuries sustained, Jessica and her family were unable to search for their lost puppy.  Word of the tragic story was posted to the Lost and Found Pets of Lawrenceburg Facebook Page as well as the Downtown Lawrenceburg KY page and the Anderson Humane Society where hundreds, if not thousands, shared photos of Jack, hoping someone will spot him.

As time went by, search parties were organized by many volunteers on the Lost and Found page.  Becca Dyer, the organizer of the page, along with a number of others searched the area looking for Jack.  Many also made flyers and posted them and still others donated to a GoFundMe page to help fund the rescue.

It wasn’t until three days later when Deborah Goodlett was heading back to her home on Fairview Road that she noticed Jack sitting on her front porch.  Previously noticing a missing dog poster for Jack put up by Linda Greenwell, she went back to confirm the dog on her porch was Jack and get the phone number.  A short time after, the family was happily reunited.

Jack was only one of many lost pets here in Anderson County and each of them needs help being reunited with their families.  To help find other lost pets around Anderson County, check out and join the Lost and Found Pets of Lawrenceburg KY Facebook Page.  (Photos provided)

Among the many others who helped search and donate to find Jack included Kelly Robinson, Jenna Tucker, Amy Curtis Everman, Michael James Daugherty, Connie Hicks Hunt, Alexa Casson, Emily Lunsford, Melanie Aitken, Samantha Tucker, Lisa Clarke and her daughter, Kristen Kurrek, Hayley Nasce, Lauren Palladino.  Jessica, Jack, and their family thanks everyone for their help.

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