Gourmet Meals Made at Home

Imagine eating a great meal cooked in your own kitchen by a professional chef who has traveled the world.  Personal Chef Laura Hahnes has been doing just that for residents of Lawrenceburg and Anderson County.

Hiring a personal chef is something new here in Anderson County but has been available is many metro areas for a long time.  Chef Laura explains that she prepares meals from scratch in her client’s kitchens to provide the most gourmet meal without any hassle.

Chef Laura grew up in New Jersey, and food was always a focus of her life as part of a large Irish and Italian family.  After serving in the US Navy for four years, she decided to attend Johnson & Wales University where she earned her culinary arts degree.

She then traveled to Ireland where she cooked her way from Dublin to Limerick.  After coming back home, she started working at various food and cooking related jobs and later got married.  When 9/11 struck, Chef Laura and her husband decided it was time to move away from New Jersey.

Having an aunt living in Lexington for 25 years, they decided to visit and thought Kentucky was a great state to move to.  She worked at the Lexington Catholic School as part of a private school dining service before being transferred to another job in Louisville.  It is then she stumbled upon and fell in love with Lawrenceburg which was the best location between Lexington and Louisville. She made it her new home in 2006.

After working at the school dining service for seven years as well as a restaurant at prominent hotel in Lexington, she decided to scale back the long and hard hours to spend more time with her family and that’s when she started a personal chef service here in Anderson County.

Called Dinner Thyme, Chef Laura’s chef service gives another option to busy families who want to eat great meals but don’t want to travel to a restaurant or cook themselves.  Because Chef Laura works out of a client’s kitchen, she can customize meals and ensure food allergies and special dietary requirements are met.  She also completely plans and shops for ingredients, taking all responsibility for cooking the meals.

For more information about Chef Laura, check out her website.

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