Students Celebrate Shakespeare with Self Directed Plays

Ginger Warren

Students at Anderson County Middle School got a taste of the theatre as they put together completely student directed and designed plays based on five Shakespearean comedies and tragedies.  According to arts and humanities teacher, Ginger Warren, Shakespeare was chosen to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the great playwright’s death.

The 8th grade students started the planning of the plays back at the end of September where they signed up to play particular parts.  They then voted on each position and got to work designing, directing, and rehearsing five different Shakespearean performances including Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, and Hamlet.  They also planned for four smaller skits to be done between the larger ones to transition between the plays.

Then on Thursday, they made their way on stage and performed.  According to Ginger, this was their 30th student directed set of plays at the school, which are held semi-annually.

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