Helping the Community Through Sweet Treats

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Lawrenceburg and Anderson County wouldn’t be what it is today without the dedicated efforts of the members of the Lawrenceburg Pierian Women’s Club.  The club supports a number of community projects and collegiate scholarships which wouldn’t happen without five weeks worth of work to produce thousands of chocolates and sweet treats to raise funds which are then donated to various causes.

The club originally started all the way back in November of 1905 with 26 women meeting at the old Galt House to organize a literary club.  The name “Pierian” was chosen to reference the Greek mythological Pierian Spring, which was thought to be the source of knowledge on arts and sciences.

The ladies of the club would be instrumental in starting what would become today’s Anderson Public Library.  Starting with just two rooms above the Lawrenceburg National Bank, the newly formed library would get its own dedicated building a short time later through help from Andrew Carnegie after being contacted by then club president, Ethyl Ripy.

Located on Woodford Street, the library building would serve as the county library until once again, the Pierian Club helped expand the library.  The club, which had purchased an 1818 brick house on North Main Street in 1915 for their clubhouse, deeded the building and land to the library board of trustees in 1973 to be used for a larger library.

The club was also instrumental in creating and restoring the large fountain seen on the court house lawn.  Originally installed in 1912, the fountain would be moved to the grounds of the public library in 1936.  Through the years, it fell into disrepair and would take the help of Wade Christensen and the club to restore it and move it back to its original location in 2002.

In addition to large projects, the club donates more than $5,000 a year to varying community projects.  From scholarships for graduating high school students, to prizes for student art contests, the club continually works to help education.  They also sponsor a Kentucky Humanities Chautauqua program, contribute to the Backpack Buddies, as well as donate to the Anderson County Distinguished Young Woman contest and Kentucky Educational Television.

But all of this wouldn’t be possible without the yearly effort the members put into producing thousands of chocolates and sweet treats that they sell every Christmas season.  For five weeks, the members produce around 500 dozen of bourbon balls and buckeyes, all neatly packed in tins.  Also with help from Tommy Brown, they will also be selling another 140 tins of pecan brittle.

The community has joined in helping the club’s efforts.  Sav-A-Lot is providing storage space in their walk-in cooler for the candy and Four Roses provided bourbon for the bourbon balls.  To order candy or for more information on the Pierian Women’s Club, contact Fern Edgett at 502-839-9329 or email at  Prices are Bourbon Balls $15/dozen, Pecan Brittle $10/pound, and Buckeyes $8/dozen.

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