City Receives 3 out of 5 Rating for America in Bloom, Announces Parade

Joey CarbajalGabe UebelCameron Robinson

During this past week’s Lawrenceburg City Council meeting, the council received a number of important updates, including how the city did during the America In Bloom competition and the progress of the Joint Lawrenceburg-Anderson County Tourism Commission.

Joey Carbajal, from Carbajal’s Garden Center, reported to the council that for the city’s first time competing in the America In Bloom competition they did quite well.  The national competition, which looks at various environmental and aesthetic criteria like urban forestry, landscaped areas, and heritage preservation, helps cities to improve their beauty and attraction for tourism.

Earlier in the year, Joey organized the community to allow Lawrenceburg to compete and invited the judges to the city back in June.  After waiting until October for the national symposium, he received the results of the judging where the city scored 3 out of 5 bloom rating which is good for their first time competing.  He explained the judges were impressed with what was being done downtown, particularly with the new parking lot.

For their entry, the city received a large sign and plaque.  Joey would like to create a dedicated and landscaped area in front of a civic building for the sign.  He is also reaching out to other organizations and charities to continue working on making Lawrenceburg beautiful for the next round of competition.

Gabe Uebel, the joint tourism commission chairman, also gave an update to the council on how the new commission is progressing.  He explained that the commission is progressing forward and is working on a description and salary for a director of tourism position.  He feels that they will be ready to hire a director by the first of the year.

Also during the council meeting, the general mutual aid agreement discussed during the last public safety committee meeting was passed.  The agreement, which puts down in writing a verbal agreement between the county and city fire departments to allow to help one another, was considered a necessary step by city fire chief, Bobby Hume.

In addition, Cameron Robinson gave an update on Presidential executive orders for health and emergency situations that could affect the local community before the mayor announced the Christmas parade, which will be on December 3rd at 11am with a theme of “I’ll be home for Christmas.” For more information on the parade, please visit the city’s website.

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