Restoring Old Firearms at the Gun Doctor

Another new store just recently opened on Main Street.  Called the Gun Doctor, the shop promises to repair, maintain, and restore antique and new firearms of all different kinds.

The shop is run by Becky Kostenbader.  She actually holds a doctorate degree in pharmacy and used to work as a pharmacist before having to move for her husband’s job.  After moving, she decided to stay at home and help her four children adjust.

During that time, she thought repairing and maintaining firearms would be a great business to do at home as her husband is a gun enthusiast.  She took classes at the American Gunsmithing Institute where she learned how to repair and properly maintain firearms.

However, she lived too far out in the country to start her business.  But luck would have it where her and her family ended up moving again to the local area.  She decided to then open up her gunsmithing store on Main Street next to the Mix.

Becky explained that she won’t focus on selling firearms, but instead repair and restore firearms.  She particularly restores antique guns that may not be safe to fire before restoration.  The Gun Doctor will be open Wednesday through Saturday 8:30am to 2pm with two nights on Tuesday and Thursday 5pm to 8pm.

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