Anderson County 2016 Election Results

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According to the Kentucky Secretary of State unofficial results for Anderson County, Donald Trump took the county by a very wide margin with over 72% of the vote.  For the US Senate race, Rand Paul won the county with 60.69% of the vote.  Andy Barr took the county with a very wide margin with 74.65% of the vote for the 6th US Representative District.  James Tipton carried the county against local James Sargent for state representative of the 53rd district.  The above races cover larger areas and other areas will need to report before the results are final to call the actual races.

For the Lawrenceburg city council, challenger Joe Marshall won a seat, ranking third in the race while incumbent Wendy Bruce Shouse took the overall lead.  George Geoghegan has lost his seat on the council.  Be sure to click the image to enlarge to see the full results.

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