Great Scholarship Opportunities with New Sport

Jeff Jett

A new sport here in Anderson County is promising potentially great scholarship opportunities for high school students.  The Anderson County High School lacrosse team started five years ago, and the sport is rapidly gaining popularity across the state and nation.

Current head coach for the boy’s team, Jeff Jett, said that interest in lacrosse has been growing extremely fast in universities and colleges.  With new teams comes the need for players, and high school lacrosse players are seeing one of the highest percentage of scholarships to players than in most other sports.

Here in Anderson County, although the team isn’t an officially recognized sport at the high school because it hasn’t yet been sanctioned at the state level, it still has seen great support from the school, community, and students.

Local interest is also growing fast as well. According to Jeff, Chris Harrod used to coach both the boys and girls teams for three years.  However, due to more players joining the team, Jeff is now coaching the boys team while Chris coaches the girls.

Although their official season doesn’t begin until February, they are kicking off an open house this coming Sunday, November 13th from 2-4pm at the lacrosse field behind the middle school softball field.  Open to boys and girls from both the middle school and high school, Jeff is hoping to not only restart the middle school team but also expand the high school teams as well.

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