Ensuring Proper Elections in Anderson County

County Clerk Jason DennyCounty Clerk Jason Denny Moving Voting MachinesVoting Machines

With tomorrow’s big election quickly approaching, Anderson County Clerk Jason Denny and his crew are working hard preparing the voting machines, moving them to the voting locations, and making sure they accurately record every vote.  The process involves a number of steps performed by the clerk’s office, the manufacturer of the machines, as well as election officials during election day.

Jason explained that the clerk’s office first checks the machines and calls in the manufacturer to set them up.  They then run sample ballots that are premarked to make sure every ballot and vote for a particular candidate gets counted.

They particularly check for when voters select straight party ballot but choose a few candidates that are not part of the chosen party.  This makes sure that those votes for those candidates are recorded correctly.

Jason believes the system they use is secure for both our county and much of the state. “We are assured in Anderson County and most of Kentucky because most of Kentucky uses the same machines as we do,” he said.

During the election process, the machines are never connected to the internet and plastic seals ensure the machines aren’t tampered with during the crucial setup and breakdown periods.  According to Jason, the results are transferred from the voting machine to a special non-internet connected computer where they are tallied up.

A print out is made of the results and kept with paper printouts from the precincts before transferring the final results to an internet connected computer to submit to the state.  They also submit the results manually to make sure nothing ever changes.

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