Art Trail Brings Many to Lawrenceburg

Frame Clinic & Art Alley lookingReda Bianchi at Frame Clinic & Art Alley looking at work by Roni GilpinSherri Locke at Frame Clinic & Art Alley lookingEd Eastman at Frame Clinic & Art Alley lookingBrenda Gardner at Frame Clinic & Art Alley lookingElements Clay StudioSusan Burge at Elements Clay StudioElements Clay StudioMaynard StudiosChad Balster at Maynard StudiosBlacksmithing Demonstration at Maynard StudiosMaynard StudiosMarianne Brown PotteryMarianne Brown Pottery

Beautiful weather and art brought a large number of visitors and residents alike to the 2016 Art Trail yesterday.  The Art Trail, sponsored by the Anderson County Arts Council, is a yearly event where art studios in Anderson County and northern Mercer County open their doors to the public to showcase their works and hold demonstrations of their artistic process.

In Anderson County, there were four studios participating this year, including one right off Main Street.  The Frame Clinic and Art Alley on West Court Street hosted a number of artists and crafters including Sherri Locke, who makes jewelry out of pieces of stained glass and pottery.  There were also food cooking demonstrations by Ed Eastman using blocks of Himalayan salt on a grill.

Out in the county, Elements Clay Studio, Marianne Brown Pottery, and Maynard Studios held sales and demonstrations.  The Maynards hosted glassblower Chad Balster as well as demonstrated blacksmithing and had great food for visitors.  Elements hosted pottery painting and door prizes.

According to both Brenda Gardner from the Frame Clinic and Susan Burge from Elements, this was one of the busiest years for the Art Trail, which has gotten more popular with each passing year.   Much of Main Street also benefited as visitors walked the downtown area after visiting the Frame Clinic and Art Alley.  Brenda also said that the visitors were extremely excited about visiting Lawrenceburg.

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  1. I understand from one of our members that you might be interested in information about our Lawrenceburg Pierian Woman’s Club. We will be making holiday candy every Monday and Tuesday through Dec. 5 & 6 (except Thanksgiving week, possibly) at St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Lawrenceburg. Also, do you know what is happening at Kavanaugh School? It was for sale and looks like there’s a new owner, but I didn’t see a sign.

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