Maynard Studios Installs Very Large Metalwork in Boston

Matthew and Karine Maynard of Maynard Studios here in Lawrenceburg just recently returned from Boston, Massachusetts, where they installed one of their largest sculptural commissions to date.

The 114 foot long installation, titled “SM-06” sits atop a fourth floor terrace overlooking the waterfront in the Financial District of downtown Boston. The sculpture will be a centerpiece of the community garden space for residents of One Seaport Square once the monumental skyscraper is completed in 2017. To meet with the general contractors schedule, artists Matthew and Karine only had one week to install, and so brought two of their full-time shop employees, Anthony Pogioli and Cody Dean of Lawrenceburg to help. Three additional iron workers were supplied on the job site.

This summer in Lawrenceburg, Matthew Maynard hand forged each of the 413 pieces and the entire project took over 1,000 man hours to create. The sculpture started as 18,000 pounds of steel rod, which had to be ordered direct from the foundry. Each two inch diameter solid steel picket was heated to over two thousand degrees and forged into a long taper with the use of a power hammer.  The ends were finished on an anvil by hand. The sculpture at Seaport Square was developed through a creative collaboration of Matthew and Karine Maynard and prominent landscape architect JP Shadley. It is the sixth collaboration between Shadley and the Maynards, hence the title “SM-06.” A plaque is planned for the gardens to identify the artists.

To celebrate, the Maynards would like to invite you to their 6th annual Open Studio event this Saturday, November 5th from 10 am – 5 pm, to hear and see more about this record breaking project. The Open Studio event will be apart of the 2016 Art Trail where four other local art studios will be hosting open houses and sales across Anderson and Mercer Counties.

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