Adult Trick Or Treat Draws Over 100 Participants to Main Street

Shirley Eldridge and Paula Mullinsimg_1244Sonia Spencer, Donna Crain Drury, and Peggy FranklinCarol MitchellCarol Mitchell (Photo by Brooke Shirley)Jessica Ripy (Photo by Brooke Shirley)Cole Ripy (Photo by Brooke Shirley)Brenda Gardner from Art Alley (Photo by Brooke Shirley)Eric Silverman from Downtown Lawrenceburg KY and Brooke Shirley Winning Gift BasketChick A Dee's (Photo by Brooke Shirley)

Yesterday, over 130 adults came out to Main Street for the first annual Adult Trick or Treat. The night consisted of lots of fun and served as an opportunity for adults to have a night to themselves while taking advantage of the great deals that various downtown businesses had to offer.

The idea was created by Dena Scott Sutherland from Chick A Dee’s Specialty Shoppe to bring some fun downtown for adults.  Downtown Lawrenceburg KY organized and sponsored the event by bringing together multiple businesses around Main Street to offer a trick or treat atmosphere while shopping at each store.

Trick or treaters arrived first at the Downtown Lawrenceburg KY Visitor Center where each person was given a passport that would make them eligible to win a gift basket full of goodies donated by participating stores at the end of the night. The goal was for each person to take the passport to each business listed and have someone from that business mark that they had been there. When finished, you would take the passport to Heavens to Betsy, enjoy great food, socialize and listen to music from Cole and Jessica Ripy from The Highs & The Lows.

In addition to the visitor center, Chick A Dee’s and Heavens to Betsy, the other businesses that participated included Magnolia House Consignments, Sweet Mash, Bourbon Barrel Boutique, and the Frame Clinic and Art Alley.  Lawrenceburg Flower Shop and Court Street Music also provided items for the gift basket.  Main Street was full of adults, many wearing costumes, walking from store to store and having a great time.

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