Spray Tanning with Vegetables

Kayla Pastrano and Morgan DurrKayla Pastrano and Morgan DurrMorgan Durr

Lawrenceburg is now home to a new spray tan salon with a twist: the spray is made from vegetables and is organic.  Morgan Durr of Glow Organic Spray Tanning is doing full custom air brushed spray tans at Jack Clark Hair Design on Glensboro Road.

Morgan has always been a fan of spray tanning.  She started going to various spray tanning salons and businesses around the area as a customer seven years ago.  But after experiencing automatic spray booths, she felt there must be a better way.

A couple of years ago, she started getting airbrushed spray tanned from independent businesses, but she found it expensive and hard to schedule an appointment around her schedule.  So, she decided to bring the better quality airbrush system along with open scheduling and cheaper prices to Lawrenceburg.

Starting in May of this year, Morgan has airbrush spray tanned over 100 people using a spray full of nutrients.  She explained that the ingredients of the solution is based primarily around beet juice and other vegetable products.  Because of its all natural contents, she said that it improves skin health by drying out oily skin with acne as well as firming.

Although the sprays may be natural, they do last for considerable time.  According to Morgan, the color will stay for around 7-10 days and will cover skin defects like stretch marks and cellulite.

In addition to using natural sprays through an airbrush, Morgan also is very flexible in scheduling appointments.  She wants to make sure even 3rd shift workers can get a spray tan and will do sprays at nights and weekends.

The spray process itself is rather simple but can take up to 45 minutes for full body coverage for first time customers.  For experienced tanners, the process only takes about 25 minutes.  Morgan explained, however, that the spray needs about 12 hours to set before showering or getting any water on the sprayed areas.

For more information about Glow Organic Spray Tanning, check out their Facebook page.

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