Fall Treats for Kids and Adults

Ciara Hyatt from Homemade Takeout, our food columnist, shared some delicious Fall treats for kids and adults:

Since moving to the farm, every year we’ve had a fall party complete with hay ride, pumpkin painting, bonfire, and lots of yummy food! It’s becoming as exciting to me as any holiday. It’s just so much fun to me when family and friends gather and celebrate, and the food is always so great, isn’t it?!

Each family brings a soup or chili of their choice, and I take care of the rest. I always make Texas Chili Soup, a delicious soup that was concocted many years ago by my mom and my aunt, as well as many desserts and a very yummy warm drink that can be made for kids or for adults.

One of the sweet treats I make are popcorn balls. They’re so tasty and very fun for the kids to make. I’ve always made them in balls, but when we were running out of time, I put the rest in a bunt pant and loved the result!

I call the drink a Caramel Apple Toddy, and it is one of my favorites this time of the year. It will be great for a Halloween party or when family comes in for the holidays.

Enjoy these simple yet festive treats as well as some pictures I snapped of our 3rd annual fall party.

Popcorn Balls

4 bags of popcorn (popped)
1 large tub of marsh mellows cream (melted)
1 large bag of candy corn
Nonstick cooking spray

Mix ingredients together in large bowl. Spray your hands with nonstick spray (believe me, you’ll need it). Get started forming popcorn mixture into balls. Squeeze them tight the same way you would a snowball (can’t wait for that!). Make several popcorn balls and/or use remaining to put in pre-sprayed bunt pan and press down firmly to pack in. Allow to cool and then turn bunt pan over to serve on a plate.

Caramel apple Toddy (for adults)

1 cup Smirnoff caramel kissed vodka
1/2 gallon Apple cider
1/2 cup good bourbon (I used Wild Turkey 101)
2 cinnamon sticks (or 2 tsp ground cinnamon)

Simmer on stove until hot. Serve in mugs and top with cool whip, a drizzle of caramel syrup and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

For kids:
Leave the alcohol out, top with whipped cream or marshmallows and caramel syrup.

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