Senator Paul Takes on Economy, Drugs, VA at Visitor Center

State Representative James Tipton and Senator Rand PaulJudge Executive Orbrey GrittonSenator Paul and Bryan Proctor

Yesterday, US Senator Rand Paul visited the Downtown Lawrenceburg KY Visitor Center for a short meet and greet where he took on challenges facing the economy, drug abuse, and veterans affairs among the many topics discussed.  A number of local officials, business leaders, and concerned citizens were present to talk with the senator.

The biggest topic of the day was the economy.  Senator Paul explained that some parts of the state are doing well, but others are suffering badly, due to regulations, taxes, and policies stifling business. “We need to figure out both at local government, state government, and federal government what can we do or what policies will best allow our state to grow and our economy to grow,” he said.

He explained that Kentucky needs to be able to compete both at a national level against other states but also internationally.  He said that companies are reincorporating in other countries because of the increasing regulations and taxes which he is working to try to reduce at the federal level.

Related to job growth, there was also discussion on welfare and regulations on local banks.  Senator Paul feels that welfare should be limited in both time and wage to not compete with wages provided by actual jobs.  He also feels that regulations meant for large banks are strangling smaller, local banks, which causes issues at the local economy.

Also on the minds of many Anderson County residents is the growing heroin and drug abuse problem being faced in the county.  Judge Executive Orbrey Gritton explained to the senator how the county is facing this epidemic.

Senator Paul said that he has worked on passing an opioid abuse prevention bill this past summer that gives grants for prevention and treatment.  The bill will not only provide funding for law enforcement and prevention systems, but also allow doctors to treat more addicts as there was a limit to how many they could treat at one time.

Pam Brough, director of the Chamber of Commerce, also brought up veteran’s affairs and that she is seeing more veterans going without proper care and are coming home with a larger burden.  Another attendee also gave an example of how her husband, who is a veteran, almost died waiting to be seen at a VA hospital for an aortic aneurysm.

Senator Paul responded strongly to the growing problem with the VA. “We’re losing more soldiers to suicide than combat,” he said.  He would like to see the VA hospitals specialize in PTSD, amputation, gun shots, etc, and have health problems not related to combat be seen by local doctors, which would alleviate the burden at the VA.

He also wants to see wasted spending be redirected towards veteran’s health. “We have to do a better job,” he said.

Senator Paul also discussed education issues.  He would like to promote vocational trades as being a great option for those who do not want to pursue a four year degree.  Bringing in business leaders into the schools to showcase various trades would help students learn more about the options they have available after high school.

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