Helping Students with Disabilities Make Connections

On November 1st, there will be another great opportunity for families with children who have special needs to find resources to help.  The Anderson Community Education Center and the Anderson County High School have partnered to put together a resource fair called, “Making Connections: Life Planning for Success.”

According special education teacher and transition coordinator at ACHS, Ashlee Thacker, said that the fair brings resources that many parents might not know about. “There’s a lot of things outside of school that these families can benefit from,” she said.

The fair will feature 15 or so different agencies, ranging from helping with independent living skills to transitioning from high school to college or the workforce.  It will be open for all students of all ages, including those who have already graduated high school.

The fair will be held at the Anderson County Health Department from 6-7:30 on the 1st and will feature a free meal and a number of door prizes, including a tablet.  To keep everyone up to date on services, Ashlee has created a Facebook page dedicated to the transition program at Anderson County Schools. For more information, please contact Ashlee at 502-839-5118 or

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