Her One Wish Fulfilled

Wanda Brown

Wanda Brown

An amazing long time resident of Lawrenceburg always had a dream to publish her poetry, and her niece fulfilled her one wish.  Rebecca Gordon Gray wrote poetry for much of her life and even had one of her poems featured nationally, but could never get her poems published as a book.  Her niece, Wanda Brown, took it upon herself to make sure her aunt’s legacy lives on through her writings.

Rebecca was born in Lawrenceburg in 1918.  Living on Lincoln Street, many in the town got to know her and appreciate her kindness.  She always had the gift of writing and many asked her to present her poetry at events.

Through the years, she wrote down many dozens of poems.  Ranging from local buildings, to her family and even seasons of the year, her poems would document life in Lawrenceburg through her eyes.  Her poetry would even be recognized by the Lexington Herald Leader, and a poem was published in the National Library of Poetry, earning the editor’s choice award.

As she got older, her one wish was to assemble the poems into a book of her own.  However, she would fall ill before it could happen.  Her niece, Wanda, decided to assemble the poems and have them printed.  Unfortunately, Rebecca would pass away before it was finished.

Continuing with the work she set out to accomplish, Wanda completed the printing process.  Titled, “The Life of Rebecca Gordon Gray Through Poetry,” the book is a lasting tribute to Rebecca’s life and an amazing glimpse into the life of one of Lawrenceburg’s writers.

The book is currently available at the Downtown Lawrenceburg KY Visitor Center.  A portion of the sales will go to the Anderson County Senior Center.  Below is one of her poems about the county court house:

The Anderson County Courthouse
Is a beautiful building to see
With a huge clock high above
Looks all the more attractive

In years past, was a big cannon out front
Along with a water fountain too
Why they both were moved away
I never, never knew

I was sadly thinking while walking
Through the courthouse
Though I regret to say
That some who worked here for so many years
Nearly all have passed away

The courthouse is a busy place
To me it’s very great
Everyone is so nice and polite
All the more we appreciate

I’ll have to mention the American Flag
Out front standing tall in the noon day sun
Waving its friendly broad stripes and bright
Stars so gently to everyone

Yes, we know many soldiers fought for the flag
They are sleeping silently in their graves
Makes us think of the National Anthem we love
As land of the free and home of the brave

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