Keeping Eyes Healthy in Lawrenceburg

The eyes are the windows to the body, and Dr Scott Smith from the Lawrenceburg Family Eye Care Center works to provide the best experience while ensuring health of the eyes and the rest of the body.

Dr Smith has been an optometrist for 19 years and has been at the Family Eye Care Center on Broadway for 11 years.  He describes optometry as like the primary care doctor of eye care where he spends a lot of time with patients on eye care and chronic diseases of the eye.

Although Dr Smith lives in Lexington, he always wanted to work in Lawrenceburg at the center.  After graduating college, he met Dr Curtis Meyers who operated the center before him.  He told Dr Meyers that if he ever wanted an associate to keep him in mind.

After some time later while Dr Smith was working on starting his own practice in Lexington, he got a call from Dr Meyers to see if he would want to buy the practice.  Not thinking he would accept the offer as he was already in the process of starting his own practice, he made a visit to the center and liked how advanced and unique it was.  One thing led to another, and he bought the practice.

Serving Lawrenceburg now for 11 years, he has seen and helped many people.  He’s seen patients with severe conditions like retinal detachment and melanoma in the eye and directed them to specialists. But his specialty is providing the most thorough eye exam possible to catch any problems before they get worse.

Dr Smith also said that with thorough eye exams, he can learn a lot about the general health of the patient.  He has worked to refer patients to specialized medical doctors and general health practitioners to ensure the best health of any patient.

For more information about Family Eye Care Center, you can contact them at 502-839-5113.  They will also be having a special event on October 25th from 8am to 5pm, where they will be discounting Ray-Ban Sunglasses by 40% and Tura frames by 30%.  There will also be drawings for a pair of free lenses, sunglasses, and frames. Click here for details.

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