Four Inducted into Hall of Fame at Heritage Hall

Dotty Boyd, Ronald Wash,  E Paul Perry, Brother George DyeCity Clerk Robbie Hume and Dotty Boyd

Four were inducted into the Hall of Fame Cafe for the inaugural celebration at Heritage Hall yesterday.  Two residents of the center, as well as an employee and volunteer were recognized to celebrate their lifetime achievements and impact they have had on our community at large.

City Clerk Robbie Hume led the celebration. “Many of the people whose paths we cross each and every day have lived through the most challenging times in our nation’s history. They have helped build and shaped our world, our country, and perhaps most importantly, the community we live in today.”

He continued, “Many of these people are the residents here in Heritage Hall, or they come here as stakeholders to work each and every day, or they are volunteers to share the joy that they have. We feel that these people should have celebrity status.”

The idea of the Hall of Fame Cafe started in 2003 when a team of professionals came together to emphasize life time achievements for those in long term care facilities.  Across the nation, all Signature facilities pick a number of residents, employees, and volunteers to induct into their half of fame.  Here in Anderson County, Ronald Wash, Brother E Paul Perry, Brother George Dye, and Dotty Boyd were chosen for the recognition.

Resident of the center, Ronald Wash, was born in 1937 in Liberty, KY. After graduating high school, he joined the army where he served for three years in Germany.  When he came back home, he attended Campbellsville University as well as the University of Kentucky.  He taught biology and other science classes at Anderson County High School for many years.

Brother E Paul Perry, another resident of the center, was born in 1924 in Anderson County.  He attended a one room schoolhouse in Anderson City.  After graduating from the Kentucky Christian College where he was the first to graduate with all A’s, he served as a minister of 12 different churches from 1951 to 2004.  He just recently celebrated his 70th wedding anniversary with his wife Lucille and has performed many services at Heritage Hall.

Brother George Dye has been volunteering at Heritage Hall since 2004.  He visits and encourages all the residents, but also calls bingo and leads the weekly Bible study.  Born in Kings Mountain, KY, he has been a preacher for the last 43 years, as well as a retired Anderson County school bus driver for 26 years.

Dotty Boyd has been working at the center since 1995.  She has continuously gone above and beyond the call of duty and makes each resident feel that they are getting special care.

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