Traffic Concerns, Trick or Treat Announced, and More at City Council Meeting

There were a number of important topics discussed at last night’s Lawrenceburg city council meeting including traffic concerns, demolition of the East Woodford Street homes, and joining a unified police protection system.  The trick or treat times both on Main Street and for the rest of the city was also announced.

During the departmental reports, councilman George Geoghegan asked police chief Chris Atkins about the traffic and accident situation at the intersection of US127 and KY151.  While traveling through that intersection, he has found that a number of drivers try to get around the long line of traffic in the left lane that either goes straight from North Main Street to Alton or left onto US127 bypass by using the right turn only lane.

Councilman Geoghegan explained that previously the traffic going straight was combined with the right turn traffic, making the traffic flow better so there wouldn’t be drivers waiting for those making a left turn to go straight.  He felt the situation was dangerous as it is currently set.  Unfortunately, Chief Atkins explained that it was a state highway issue, and it would have to go through them in which the city agreed to contact.

Mayor Goodlett also updated the council on the status of the demolition of the blighted houses on East Woodford Street.  He explained the first three houses were quickly demolished but they ran into a snag with the fourth.  There were active natural gas lines in the house that needed to be turned off before demolition could continue.

He explained that the gas company told the city that it would take a week to do so.  However, they were able to get it done the following day but didn’t notify the city.  In the mean time, the demolition contractors took another project while they waited and that project has hit unexpected delays.  Mayor Goodlett explained that the contractors should be back mid week and should finish the project completely in about a week after.

The council then approved a new resolution to allow the city police department to join the Bluegrass and Central Kentucky Unified Police Protection System (BACKUPPS).  Police Chief Atkins explained that BACKUPPS is an interagency system among most of the central Kentucky police departments and sheriff’s offices to allow officers from one agency to investigate a crime in the other’s jurisdiction.

Chief Atkins said that if a crime was committed in Lawrenceburg but the suspect is in another jurisdiction that is part of the system, they could then notify the other agency and work the investigation there as if they were in their home jurisdiction.  With some rules and restrictions, the visiting officers would have the same powers as if they were in their own jurisdiction.

The BACKUPPS system is not new and started with 20 different agencies.  It has grown throughout the central Kentucky region and Chief Atkins felt it was time for Lawrenceburg to join. “It gets all the agencies back on the same page,” he said.

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Goodlett announced the trick or treat schedule.  For the trick or treat on Main Street, the road will be shut down around 4:30pm on October 31st with the trick or treat to start at 5pm and end at 7pm.  City wide, trick or treat will start at 5:30pm and end at 7:30pm on the same night.

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