School Board Celebrates Distinguished Rating at Meeting

Sharon JackmonGinger Warren from ACMS, Teresa Miller from Saffell Street Elementary and Bryan Hyatt from ACHS

The Anderson County School Board held their monthly meeting last night, and the focus of much of the meeting celebrated the district’s great achievements in this year’s state assessments.  Sharon Jackmon, instructional supervisor, went over the specifics of the assessment to show what changed and how the schools improved.

Sharon first pointed out that the assessment system has changed for this year, which was caused by changing federal requirements.  Because of the changes, it is not accurate to compare last year’s individual scores to this year’s.  However, for a number of schools, she was able to recalculate some of last year’s scores using this year’s assessment system to gain at least a partial comparison to see the improvements.

Sharon first went over Anderson County High School’s results. It received a total score this year of 74.9.  The score put it in the proficient rating and was just shy of being distinguished which requires a score of 75.4 or higher.  The graduation rate at the school was also incredibly high at just near 98%.

Next was Anderson County Middle School.  Sharon was able to do a comparison with the overall learners score with a recalculation of last year’s results.  It went up from 46.2 to 59.6. “We can honestly say that the students and teachers improved by 13.4 points,” she said.

Because of the very large improvement, the school received a number of ratings including being a progressing and a high progress school.  Sharon explained it was one of the top improving schools in the state.  It also received a proficient rating with an overall score of 68.9.  The school now ranks 139.5 out of 326 middle schools across the state.

Saffell Street Elementary also seen a major improvement.  Its overall learners score went from 54.3 to 59.2, with a total score of 68.6, making it a proficient school.  It is also a progressing school because the score improves each year, according to Sharon.

Robert B Turner Elementary received an overall score of 78.6, making it distinguished once again this year.  However, because it has consistently scored so high each year, Sharon explained that the school needs to stay focused, as continuing to meet that score is difficult.

Emma B Ward Elementary was another strong school.  Its overall learners score went up from 60.5 to 69.9 with a total score of 76.8.  The school received a distinguished rating as well as school of distinction and progressing rating.

Sharon explained that for the district as a whole, it received a score of 71.2 which put it in the distinguished rating that requires a score of 70.5 or greater.  Superintendent Sheila Mitchell thanked all the staff, teachers, students and the community for the efforts needed to receive the rating. “I would like to publicly recognize our schools and say how proud I am of the growth and the great gains across the district,” she said.

In addition to the schools and district ratings, Superintendent Mitchell also recognized Ginger Warren from ACMS, Teresa Miller from Saffell Street Elementary and Bryan Hyatt from ACHS for being voted by community members for being the best staff members in the district.  Sheila stated that Bryan Hyatt was the longest running recipient of the award.

The high school senior class trip was also discussed.  The dates have been set for May 12th through the 16th in New York City.  Some of the plans of the trip include visiting museums, seeing a Broadway show, experiencing the subway, and more.

One of the other topics discussed in the meeting included maintenance concerns. Terry Drury outlined some of the maintenance projects that need to be addressed across the district.  He mentioned that the domestic hot water system needs to be replaced at Saffell Street as well as part of its roof, ACMS needs roof repair, ACHS will eventually need HVAC replacement, and various asphalt repairs at the high school, middle school, Turner, and the bus garage.  The board recommended that he gets quotes on the repairs so they can prioritize them.

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