Finding Treasure with the Anderson County Pickers

Finding treasure among junk is something Peggy and Greg Gibson of Magnolia House Consignments have been doing for much of their lives.  Dubbed the Anderson County Pickers, the couple goes all over the state and throughout the region to find items that residents in the county want to buy.

Both Peggy and Greg got the bug of buying old items to resell from their parents.  Peggy’s mother, who was known as the queen of yard sales, would bring her around to yard sales starting when she was 5 or 6 years old.  Her father, who worked for the Lawrenceburg city government for 42 years, also would pick things.

One of her fondest memories was during the yearly large trash pickup the city holds every April.  Peggy’s father brought home a large number of purses during that day.  “I was in hog heaven,” she said.

The couple have been picking together ever since they married 13 years ago.  Greg, who worked on power lines for a living, would be all over the country to help repair lines that have been damaged in storms and natural disasters.  While out in states like Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and the gulf states, repairing power lines, he’d go out in his free time and buy items to bring back home.

Before opening the store this past January, they mostly resold items in their own yard sales.  Although Peggy ran a couple of consignment stores in the past, she has found her location on Main Street to be the absolute best.

But it takes a dedication and a love of the hunt to go out and find items and then run a store.  Many times they will get up at 6am to go to yard sales by 7am to buy items for the store.  They travel around the state, looking for items at auctions and yard sales.  They’ll even go to people’s houses if asked to buy items inside. “I love it. It makes me so happy,” Peggy said.

Through the years, they have bought and sold many interesting items.  From old Amish built ladders in Pennsylvania to an old, white antique bed in Oklahoma, they are always on the lookout for different things.

But sometimes what comes back isn’t always expected.  Peggy remembers, after coming back from a pick in Somerset, seeing what looked like a large insect crawling on the floor.  Examining it closer, it turned out to be a live scorpion that was hiding in a ceramic jug that they brought home earlier in the day.

The best items that many around Lawrenceburg love to buy are old primitive items.  Peggy explained that any items that can be reused are valuable like old glass doors which can be reused as pantry doors.   “They want to go back to when they’re a child and bring back all those old memories,” she said.

For more information about Magnolia House Consignments, check out their Facebook page.

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