Learning Through Music at Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts

Meredith Hyatt Lewis from the newly opened Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts is combining music and movement in a way to help build skills and improve learning for young children.  Called Kindermusik, the program is for children from infants to seven year olds and improves many different areas in childhood development.

Kindermusik was originally developed by Dan Pratt in 1978 with inspiration from German music curriculums.  The combination of music and movement lead to a program that spread across the world and has been recognized through independent research to help build phonological awareness.

Meredith was trained in the program a number of years ago.  The program has always be incredibly successful for her as both parents and children enjoy the time together. “It’s a great way for kids and parents to spend good quality time uninterrupted,” she said.

She explained that all children benefit from the program, even newborns.  The children benefit from the interaction, but most importantly, parents learn ways to continue the interaction even after the classes are finished.

Some of the benefits of Kindermusik include early literacy and language development, social/emotional skills, increased abstract reasoning, development of fine and gross motor skills, and of course music development.  “Everything that we’re doing is associated with music and literacy, and we talk about how the movement we’re doing stimulates what part of the brain,” she said.

The Kindermusik classes are normally just 45 minutes, once per week and run for about 15-16 weeks.  Meredith explained that normally there would be two different themed sessions with one offered in the Fall and the other in the Spring.  However, she is going to be offering a special single session this year, starting through the end of October and into the end of February or early March.

As she continues to build her studio, Meredith is planning to expand her Kindermusik offerings.  She’s hoping to recruit other certified teachers and begin teaching the program at the local daycares as well as restarting a Kindermusik studio in Danville.

For more information about Kindermusik, check out the Lawrenceburg Academy of Performing Arts’ website.  Registration for this year’s classes are limited and need to be submitted before October 14th in ensure receiving class materials before the start of the class.  Meredith is also planning a number of new programs at the academy, so be sure to follow the academy on Facebook.

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