Revitalizing Anderson County’s Baptist Churches

Sand Spring Baptist Church will be hosting a special event this Sunday, hoping to revitalize the Baptist churches across the county.  The Anderson Baptist Association will be holding its annual meeting in a new revival style with modern music and evangelism.

Philip Ritchey, director of missions for the association, is hoping to bring more younger adults to the county’s 14 Baptist churches.  Many of the smaller churches have shrinking numbers of members, and many are nearing the point of closing.  He fears, in 10 to 15 years as the older members pass away, the churches will close.

In hope of spurring change among the churches, he has revamped the annual association meeting to include live guitar music.  Evangelist Chuck McAlister will also be at the meeting providing a new revival.

Philip says everyone in the county is invited with a fried chicken dinner starting at 5:30pm and the main service starting at 7pm at Sand Spring. “If people come and listen, I believe it’s going to change the lives of a lot of churches in the area,” he said.



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