Helping Lawrenceburg Improve

Lawrenceburg city council member, Ken Evans, has seen Lawrenceburg change for the better during his 17 years serving on the council.  Working with four different mayors, Ken and the rest of the council have worked hard to improve the city.

Ken, an air force veteran and 32 years experience working for Kentucky Utilities and other companies, ran for city council to be a watchdog for citizens.  During his time serving on the council, the yearly city budget has never been changed mid-year which keeps taxes low.

Through his years on the council, he has seen a number of major projects come to completion, which provide better services for residents.  A new water plant along with two new water towers were constructed, new firefighting equipment was purchased, as well as moving the city hall to its current location.  The city parks were also updated and crime rate has been kept low.

Ken is planning on running again for the city council this election.  He hopes to continue keeping a balanced working budget with controlled taxation, continuing good insurance for city employees and retirees, help build business and industry, and promote Lawrenceburg and Anderson County.

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