Helping Bring a Golden Age of Lawrenceburg

Steven and Alisha Rucker and Gavin Dishon

Steven and Alisha Rucker and Gavin Dishon

Steven Craig Rucker, a member of the Lawrenceburg City Council, has seen an amazing turnaround for the city during his eight years of service on the council.  “This is kind of like the golden age of Lawrenceburg,” he said as he talked about how the city along with local businesses have created what looks almost like an entirely new city.

Steven has served on the council now for nearly eight years and is running again this year.  When he started, he saw a city that was nearing a total collapse.  Downtown had almost no retail or restaurant business, the factories were considering moving or downsizing, and the general outlook for the town was poor.  Even with the coming of the Bourbon Trail, he found that visitors would talk about going to surrounding cities and never to Lawrenceburg.

During his second term with the council, he and the rest of the city government started planning a way to help bring back downtown.  They began working on the city budget to create a new fund to build a new parking lot on Main Street to spur more businesses to the area.  Carefully working the budget for six years, they were able to gain enough funds without burdening local tax payers to put in the parking lot last year which has helped create more business downtown.

With cooperation from business and the city government, downtown saw a major change. “What once was kind of a ghost stop that people just drove through, now is a vibrant community of people who are investing big dollars into our town and helping put back on the map where Lawrenceburg belongs to be,” Steven said.

But it’s not just downtown that has seen a change.  Many of the local factories are planning expansions, city parks have been greatly improved under the watchful eye of the council, and city infrastructure is being upgraded and improved.  “It’s a great time to be apart of Lawrenceburg,” he said.

Steven attributes much of the changes to people who love the city and are willing to do the work to help improve everything.  Without consistent city officials, aspiring business owners, or willing volunteers, the city would never have seen such a remarkable change.

He wants to continue providing as much passion and love for the city during his next term as council member.  Many of the projects that were just mere dreams 8 years ago are now coming to fruition, all the while limiting tax burden. “We have had a really good eight year run,” he said.

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