Firefighters Simulate Burning House to Keep Everyone Safe

Inside the Fire BlastShane Ratliff

Members of the Lawrenceburg City Fire Department as well as the Anderson County Fire District train long and hard to make sure they can help the best they can when an emergency is called.  And, sometimes they need to experience just what it would be like while fighting a residential fire.

This past weekend, with help from the Kentucky Fire Commission, they got their chance with the fire blast simulator.  According to Shane Ratliff, the training officer at the city department, the fire blast helps train firefighters with actual fire, in a simulated environment that would mimic a house fire.

During the first round of training held on Saturday, firefighters entered the fire blast from the front, like as if they were entering the front door of a house.  Inside, they faced a burning couch, a kitchen stove flashing over, and more.

Then they reset it and entered from above to simulate fighting a fire in a basement.  The firefighters faced the heat rising up the stairwell as they again battled burning furniture.  They then worked on ventilation training and ladder work to wrap up the second day of training on Sunday.

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