AC Schools Rating Improve Again, Middle School Sees Great Advancement

acschoolsopenAnderson County School District has once again performed well and even increased from last year in state standards ratings.  According to Superintendent Sheila Mitchell, the district overall has increased 2.9 points in the testing over last year, with major improvements in the middle and elementary schools.  The district as a whole has achieved a distinguished rating.

For the elementary schools, Robert B Turner earned the highest score this year, earning a distinguished rating for the third year in a row and reaching the top 17% of the highest performing elementary schools in the state.

Emma B Ward also earned a distinguished rating for the second year in a row, as well as School of Distinction and Progressing School.  It reached the top 23% of the highest performing elementary schools in the state.

Saffell Street Elementary earned a proficient rating for the third year in a row and is also a progressing school.

The Anderson County Middle School saw a very large improvement, increasing a total of 10.5 points.  It earned a proficient rating and was only 1.3 points away from being distinguished.  It is also a high progress school.

Anderson County High School also earned a proficient rating and was only .5 point away from distinguished.  It is continuing to improve in college and career readiness.

Superintendent Mitchell is incredibly pleased with the progress.  “We are proud of our progress and will continue to focus on preparing all students to be college and career ready,” she said.

She gives credit for the improvements to individually helping students achieve better.  She explained that the district focused on responding to intervention for children which reduced the novice rate across the district.

School staff were also credited. “All school staff worked in professional learning communities to analyze data, increase thinking level of student tasks and were collaborating to produce high level lessons,” Sheila said. “We are currently continuing our work in each of these areas and fine tuning our reading workshop and math instruction in primary grades as well as implementing writing programs across the district.”

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