Alternative Health Becomes More Popular in Lawrenceburg

One of Lawrenceburg’s most unique stores specializing in alternative healing methods is celebrating its third year in business and an increase in interest for many natural healing modalities.  Don and Pam Giles, owners of Antiques, Uniques, and Metaphysics, are glad to see more Kentuckians looking towards natural and alternative options to heal the body and mind.

Starting just a little over three years ago, Don and Pam opened their store off Broadway after a number of years running previous stores in other counties.  However, lately, they are seeing so many more interested in healing herbs, essential oils, and herbal teas that it is at times hard to keep popular items in stock. “More and more people are recognizing the benefits of essential oils, herbs, herbal teas and even the healing energies of stones and crystals,” Don said.

To keep up with the demand, they have brought in numerous new items, including new oils, books, crystals, herbs, etc.  They even now have Kentucky unprocessed honey, goji berries, and crystallized ginger.  Pam is also hoping to install a salt room sauna sometime next year.

To celebrate their success, they will be having a large sale this weekend as well as giving away a number of items. “I wanted to let the community know in someway that we have three years of going strong,” Don said.  For more information about Antiques, Uniques, and Metaphysics, and to see their celebration sale, check out their Facebook page.

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